Leopard vs Warthog: An Unforgettable Encounter

By Asilia Africa News | 26 June 2019

ByPeter Thompson, Manager at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

I was driving in the midday heat, close to Rekero when I came across a young, grazing warthog. Seconds later, I saw Bahati (which means ‘luck’ in Swahili), a beautiful pregnant leopard that is often spotted around the camp.

She was snarling at the birds that were invading her cool, shady resting area, when her focus quickly shifted to the warthog, which was bumbling towards her, oblivious. I had just enough time to get out my camera before she pounced on the hapless creature, mere meters in front of me.

It was a curiously quiet duel, and the bush seemed to go still around them as they tussled.Just a few minutes later, it was all over and the clever Bahati dragged her kill off to the bushes for a well-deserved lunch.

Lights, camera action – scroll through the gallery below to witness this incredible encounter!

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