Something New At Rubondo Island Camp : The Nest

By Asilia Africa News | 23 October 2018

By Britta Foulis – Content Marketing Manager

Rubondo Island is home toa very special group of chimpanzees whose ancestors were brought here in the 1960s as part of anambitiousconservation project, today you can be part of their journey and be a part of our uniqueChimpanzee Habituation Process. Available for a limited time, this is anopportunity to join the habituation team as theyaccustomthe chimps tothepresenceof humans and witness them up close in the wild. When spending time with us at Rubondo Island Camp, you’ll have time to explore our brand new addition, “The Nest” and find out more about these interesting, and often misunderstood, creatures which we are so lucky to have on the island.

The Nest certainly adds to the richness of the experience – before heading out on a trek to find the chimpanzees, you’ll be introduced to the island through a discussion fromProfessor Shaibufrom TANAPA. He will walk you through where the chimps were last seen and provide some interesting background information to what it is you’ll be doing and seeing out on a trek.

Something New At Rubondo Island Camp – “The Nest”

We have an extremely exciting addition to Rubondo Island Camp, “The Nest” – now you may be wondering, what is this all about? The name is fitting as each night, chimpanzees will make their way into the trees and build their nest for the night. This is a ritual they take part in each and every night, moving to a new spot and making a new nest for the night – which is why we have our Chimpanzee Trackers who head out early each morning in search of where the chimps will be for the day. You can get to know one of our trackers, Simon, a little bit better and what it is him and his fellow trackers do in this blog post.

You’ll find information on the chimpanzees and their unique journey to the Island as well as infographics, books, and even skulls of different primates and chimps to give you an ideaof how each differs from the others.

Infographics which detail how chimps communicate with one another, their mannerisms, the differences between chimpanzees and monkeys, and the like are all proudly showcased in The Nest and are a perfect way to unwind while still learning something new.

Professor Shaibu from TANAPA is also on hand to have personal inductions into how the habituation process in undergone and the steps taken to habituate the chimps – it is an incredibly interesting talk and surely not to be missed.

Spend some time with us trekking for chimpanzees, and nurture your new-found interest for them by browsing this new addition to Rubondo Island Camp.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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