While you were sleeping…

By Wandering Maasai | 14 July 2015

Ever wondered what goes on in and around camp whilst you’re fast asleep and dreaming of the amazing game drive you just got back from?

Oliver’s Camp& Little Oliver’sin Tarangire have set up a night-camera just outside of the camp grounds, check out all the action you can easily misswhilst sleeping or having dinner! There are always new and exciting critters making their way through camp in the evenings – keep an eye on the Oliver’s Camp or Little Oliver’s Facebook page to see all the newest updates!

“The night cameras have been super busy in 2014 and 2015 has started off with a bang!”

“What a week of highlights to kick off the new season! We have been visited in camp multiple nights by our resident leopards.”

“We always have lots of leopard coming through the camp at night!”

“Check out this Genet, what a poser!”

“Will there be a battle for Oliver’s Camp, with 2 male leopards in camp last night only time will tell.”

“The excitement continues, this pic was caught at 8:30pm while we were having dinner last night!

“”Creeping up on the camera…”

“Well there was a day in between but again a leopard tripped our camera @7:30pm last night while we were enjoying a drink by the campfire.”

“Now that is one big Honey Badger!”

“A leopard has a drink while keeping a close eye on the suspicious camera.”

“Morning wake up service for the managers!”

“What a night! Leopard, Hyena, Jackal, Civet, Honey badger & a Genet! Check out what the camera caught, one of our resident Leopards scent marking.”

“We came back from the holidays and also brought in new night cameras! Lots of action last night and here is our favorite of the night…yup coming down from the toilet tent while we were sitting have dinner.”

“Thanks for the water Oliver’s Team!”

“Honey Badgers, Civet, Genet, Hyena, Jackal, Elephant were all caught last night on the night camera however our favorite pick of the night goes to the Dik-dik!”

“A Jackal on high-alert whilst walking through the camp at night.”

“This Leopard keeps an eye out while having a drink of water from our watering bowl.”

“This Honey Badger also had to be part of the night’s action!”

“A Civit sneaks around camp…”

About Oliver’s & Little Oliver’s
Apart from the focus on tracking rather than trophies, Ernest Hemingway would have fitted right in at Oliver’s Camp. Situated in the southern reaches of Tanzania’s remote Tarangire National Park, Oliver’s Camp and Little Oliver’s are an echo of the trailblazing camps that first pioneered East African safaris.

Tarangire is not only home to large herds of elephant and buffalo, but also to a substantial concentration of big cats and arguably the greatest bird diversity in East Africa with more than 500 recorded species.

If you would like to spend some time at these camps please get in touch with your trusted travel agent or make an enquiry with us.

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