Why you should book a hot-air balloon safari in Tanzania

By Asilia Africa | 27 April 2021

Witnessing herds of wildebeest, towers of giraffe or a dazzle of zebra running across the plains of Africa a few hundred metres below you is something you’re not likely to forget. Combine breathtaking aerial views with a spectacular sunrise and you’re close to imagining the splendour of an African hot-air balloon safari.


What is it all about?

You’ll be woken up before the crack of dawn and whisked away on a (very) early drive to the launch site. It can be quite chilly at this time of the morning – not to mention even cooler once you’re up in the air, so be sure to wrap up in a few extra layers. Arrive at your balloon and watch as your professional ballooner gets ready for your take-off. Be prepared for the sound as they gas up the balloon – it can be quite loud, so it’s not uncommon to get a fright! However, once you are in the air, it is mostly silent (save for the occasional roar of the gas) so you can fully appreciate the wonder of peacefully flying high above the plains.

On average, a hot-air balloon safari lasts between one and two hours. Once you are up high enough, the animals below become less aware of their audience – it really is one of the most unforgettable sights to behold to watch the sun rise over the vast grasslands as wildlife wanders. Coming back down to land can be slightly bumpy, so anyone with a bad back or similar injury should check with their doctor beforehand. Once you are back on the ground, you will be treated to a scrumptious champagne breakfast. Is that not the perfect end to a memorable morning in the African skies?

How does it work?

Hot-air balloon safaris are extremely dependent on weather conditions. If it is too windy or rainy, the flight will be cancelled and you will have the option of receiving a full refund or rescheduling to another day (if possible). Booking well in advance is absolutely essential. This is not an activity that can be organised on the day. Due to the reliance on the weather, it is also not on offered throughout the year, so it’s best to make sure your agent is aware of your interest in this wonderful experience and have them book as far in advance as possible.

The balloons are well maintained and serviced often, so the whole experience is a safe one. Another thing to consider is that, because of safety measures and large team required to make a hot-air balloon safari happen, the price of a trip can be quite high. However, if it is within your means, it is totally worth it.

Which Asilia camps can I book a hot-air balloon safari from?

You can experience the wonder of a hot-air balloon safari from a number of different regions. In Tanzania‘s Serengeti National Park, you can take to the skies from Dunia; Namiri Plains; Kimondo Migration Camp; Olakira Migration Camp; Ubuntu Migration Camp(when they are in the north); and Sayari.In Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, you can enjoy a hot-air balloon safari from either Oliver’s Camp.

In Kenya's Masai Mara, you can hot-air balloon safari from Encounter Mara; Naboisho; Rekero; and our Mara & Acacia Bush Houses.

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