Kilimajaro (Image In Shuttertock Images Folder)
Kilimajaro (Image In Shuttertock Images Folder)


Climbing Kilimanjaro

The routes we have opted for are less travelled, more scenic, and offer a more immersive and meaningful Kilimanjaro experience.

Lemosho Route

This relatively new route considered the most beautiful on Kilimanjarohas a high success rate. Travellers can choose to complete it in six days or stretch it to eight, which gives you a better chance to acclimatise to the altitude. The trek begins in the rainforest zone at the western base of the mountain at Londorossi Gate. The route heads across the Shira Plateau before following the Southern Circuit halfway around the mountain, offering you great views from all angles. The approach to the summit is made from the east, and the descent follows the Mweka trail.

Lemosho Route at a Glance:

  • Approximately 70 km from gate to gate
  • Designed for physically fit people with some hiking experience
  • Travellers who choose the eight-day trek have a 90 percent chance of summitting

Rongai Route

Rongai is the only trail that starts from the northern side of Kilimanjaro. Its remote location makes it the least travelled of all Kili’s routes. It offers a relatively unspoilt wilderness experience, where it is possible to see large wildlife such as antelope, elephant and buffalo, as well as colobus monkeys and many species of birds.

The northeast side of the mountain gets significantly less moisture than the southern slopes, so you’re less likely to encounter rain and mud and more likely to get clear, unclouded views. The final summit from Kibo Hut is steep and follows the same path taken by Marangu trekkers, passing Gilman’s Point to Uhuru Peak. Descent is via the Marangu trail.

Travellers can do the route in six, seven or eight days. We recommend taking as long as possible, giving you extra time to acclimatise.

Rongai Route at a Glance:

  • 72 km from gate to gate
  • The easiest route up Kilimanjaro, with a slow, gentle ascent and excellent ascent success rates
  • The only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north and the descent is on the south via the Marangu Route, allowing travellers to see both sides of the mountain and spectacular views over Kenya’s Amboseli Plains
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