Family Safari Experiences

By Wandering Maasai | 23 June 2015

Bring your family and explore the real Africa with us. We can’t wait to welcome you to a world where adventure rules and no second is the same! There are many exciting activities for your children and the family as a whole to take part in.Our bush guides have a wealth of insightful experience that has been handed down through generations. And, with their intimate knowledge of the area, they will watch over you, fascinate you and your children with bush-wise facts, traditional games, local folklore and incredible stories of life in the bush.

Game Drives
Take off into the wilderness with your highly skilled, personal guide. Uncannily, he almost always knows where the action is. By day, spot wild animals, like elephant, buffalo, lion and cheetah from afar and approach them with stealth and caution. Enjoy a picnic under the widest blue sky imaginable and view the expanse of Africa through eyes that are truly open for the first time. By night, drive under a blanket of shimmering stars and wait for the telltale reflection of eyes in the headlights… A game drive with the ones you love is an unforgettable family experience.
Nature Walks
There is no better way to experience the African bush than on foot, where the tracks, beetles and bugs spring to life. It is likely that you will get close to larger mammals with Asilia’s experienced walking guides but this is the chance to take a closer look at the little things and appreciate the African bush from the earth upwards. You will focus on identifying the different bugs, tracks and interesting plants around the camp
Cultural Visits
Did you know that, aside from cattle, the Maasai people value children as extremely important and they are considered to be a blessing on the tribe? On an Asilia Family Safari you can choose to visit a nearby village and learn about their culture and customs, make pen pals and buy traditional handcrafts.

Spoor Tracking

With the right knowledge, the track or spoor of a wild animal is not only a method to identify the animal but also an indication of its welfare. A dragged spoor from one hoof and crisp impressions from the other is a likely indication of an injury. Your personal guide will take you on a wonderful journey of learning about animals from the dung and spoor they leave. You can ask them to make a plaster mould of a track that you find fascinating or take a mould of your footprint and that of a lion so that you can compare sizes.
Dung Identification
Dung tracking is interesting if you’re not too squeamish. Fresh pooh could mean the animal is nearby and old dry dung could mean the animal passed through the area weeks ago.Your guide will teach you what food an animal prefers simply by looking at its dung. By taking notes, photographs and collecting samples of different dung and spoor castes, your child will accumulate terrific material for a school project or class presentation.

Baking & Cooking

Preparing food in the bush far away from a supermarket or a bakery calls for more than your fair share of ingenuity. The Chef at your camp or lodge is always willing to share a trick or two with children. Baking fresh bread in a pot on the fire or making griddle caked is always a treat when served hot with melting butter and a golden pool of wild honey.

Bush Skills

Ever wondered where most of Bear Grylls’ survivor techniques originally come from? Look no further than the bush craft that originates in Africa. Imagine how proud your children will be when they show their pals how to make a fire without matches, how to make a toothbrush from a twig and how to find their way in the bush without a compass. Your personal guide will always be there to make each day on safari a valuable and enriching experience for your children.

Traditional Maasai Archery

Even today the Maasai rely entirely on traditional weapons to hunt and defend themselves. The long graceful spear with which they fearlessly face lions, the Maasai sword, huge shield and elegant bow and arrows are still their favoured weapons. The skills in handling these weapons are handed down from generation to generation and who is better equipped to teach your child to shoot accurately with an undersized bow and blunt arrows than a Maasai warrior. With infinite patience, care and kindness they take the young ones through the drill of aiming, draw the bow and letting the arrow loose at the target.


For thousands of years tribesmen in Africa have looked to the night sky for meaning and inspiration. The Maasai of East Africa saw the Pleiades above the horizon from September to mid-May. They knew that these 6 stars, which stayed in a group like a herd of cattle, were only visible during the rainy season. The Basotho bushmen of Southern Africa saw the southern cross as a giraffe with an outstretched neck and the Zulu (of the same region) interpreted it as the tree of life. These myths legends are as alive in Africa today as they were then and your Asilia personal guide will teach you all he has learned from his forefathers about the stars, their meaning and how they affect life on earth.

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