Mobile Camps: Your Front Row Seat to The Great Migration

By Wandering Maasai | 20 August 2015

“What is the best time to see the Migration?” This is a question we hear all too often. Well, we have the answer, our 3 seasonal camps which follow the herds every step of the way.

Without a doubt, the annual Wildebeest Migration is one of nature’s greatest spectacles. Like the herds of antelope that have made the Serengeti the most famous wilderness region on earth, our 3 mobile camps are travellers. As the seasons wax and wane so do these migration camps which follow the herds on their never-ending journey across the grasslands of East Africa.

These nomads go where they please and always ensure you’ll be sitting front row and centre when the herds make their way past camp. We will ensure you have front-row seats away from the crowds to the best show on Earth!

Why Should I Choose A Mobile Camp?

We have 3 camps which follow the migratory herds on their annual journey through Kenya and Tanzania; Ubuntu Camp, Olakira Camp, and Kimondo Camp.

Ubuntu Camp:

Ubuntu Camp travels with the natural flow of the wildebeest through the Serengeti. From late July to October, the camp is positioned to intercept the migration in the North of the Serengeti before it relocates to the south close to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area from December to February. As the herds move west so does the camp and it is positioned in the Western Corridor from May to mid-July to rendezvous with the migration as it moves north again.

Our guides, who spend 11 months of the year with the herds are able to pass on insight—gained through generations of experience into the fascinating facets of this extraordinary cycle of life. ‘Ubuntu’ refers to the human characteristics of generosity, consideration and humane-ness towards others. Ubuntu Camp encompasses this characteristic in its personalised and warm hospitality.

Kimondo Camp:

From July to October home for Kimondo is near the sinuous Mara River on the famous Lamai Wedge, where massive herds brave the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. As winter eases and summer warms the land, the herds move south to calve in the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti. As the herds move, so does Kimondo, to ensure you’re never far from the heart of the migration.

But unlike the thundering wildebeest, Kimondo – like its sought-after sister-camp Olakira – leaves no footprint behind. Entirely solar-powered, it’s a migration camp that touches the earth lightly while providing authentic luxury on the Serengeti plains. With just eight comfortable tents Kimondo offers an intimate safari experience; a sumptuous taste of how the early explorers discovered the wonders of East Africa.

Olakira Camp:

In the dry months of winter, Olakira Mara River enjoys some of the best views of the herds migrating out of Kenya across the treacherous Mara River. By November, with the herds on the march, Olakira swiftly follows to witness the incredible calving in the great grassy plains of the southern Serengeti.

Touching the earth lightly this canvas camp all but disappears into the surrounding bush, and with just eight en-suite tents Olakira – meaning “shining star” in kiSwahili – ensures an intimate and authentic wilderness experience.

Stargazing Beds At Olakira

Whilst Olakira is known for its superb locations during the Migration, the camp has one more surprise that awaits you – our brand new stargazing tents. Olakira’s tents have been perfectly designed so that a portion of the tent boasts a 270-degree view from beneath a meshed net, offering you an outdoor experience whilst still remaining indoors.

Our stargazing tents allow you the flexibility to roll your bed into the meshed area for a magical experience of sleeping beneath the stars. With the galaxies glittering above you while you dream about the day’s adventures – it truly is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

Stargazing tent underneath the Milkyway at Olakira Camp

So what are you waiting for? Make an enquiry below and find out more about these nomadic camps and how you could be waking up to the sounds of millions of Wildebeest passing right by your bedroom door!

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