Trunk Twins : Elephant Twins Born in Tarangire

By Asilia Africa News | 06 April 2018

By Britta Foulis

We have some wonderfully exciting and incredibly unique news to share – twin elephant calves have been born in the Tarangire National Park!

Mum Eloise and her two twins seen walking in the Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire’s Newest Twins

Tarangirehas not one but two very good reasons to feel good about how well the park’s Elephant population is doing.

“Conservationists working in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park have not one but two good reasons to be hopeful for the park’s savanna elephant population: a pair of rare twin calves who have recently joined their mother’s herd.” – Africa Geographic

The twins are still dependent on their mother and will be for the next 2 – 3 years of their life.

Beating all the odds, this brother and sister duo have just joined their mother’s herd and are around 8 months old at this time.Researchers for the Wildlife Conservation Society have been studying the park’s elephant population for 25 years and spotted the twins a recently.

Their mother, a 57 year old elephant named Eloise, most likely gave birth to the two calves in August 2017. This means that she is now the oldest known elephant to give birth to twins. While twins usually are known to have a lower chance of survival in the wild, these two are doing really well and with help from some good rains in the area are picking up weight and thriving.

The twins have been seen playing in the mud on numerous times with their other young friends in the herd. We are hoping that these two will live long and healthy lives.

The twins have been seen playing in the muddy pools after the good rains the area has been experiencing.

“The elephants in and around Tarangire National Park are well protected by the park rangers and local communities, and with the guidance of an experienced matriarch, we have high hopes for their survival. Every elephant calf born is a step towards the recovery of the species, and twins are even better.”

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is uncrowded and relatively unknown. Covering approximately 2 850km², the area lies just south of Lake Manyara in the northern region of Tanzania. Famous for its vast herds of elephants and forests of enigmatic giant baobab trees, the rugged landscape is incredibly diverse and a different take on the northern safari circuit.

Home to Oliver’s Camp and Little Oliver’s – we would love to welcome you to experience the magic of this special piece of Tanzania and hopefully you have the chance to see these twins out in the bush.

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