White-Headed Vultures – A new beginning in Naboisho

By Asilia Africa News | 06 December 2016

By Britta Foulis

We have some exciting news to share with you from the Mara Naboisho Conservancy. A pair of White-headed vultures have begun constructing a nest in the area!

This species is critically endangered and there are only a handful of pairs left in the Mara. Thier numbers are declining, however, the news of a nest being built is extremely promising and Naboisho is very excited to have been chosen as a nesting place for these special birds.

White-headed Vulture.
Photo credits: Shiv Kapila of the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust

Ourfingers are crossed that this particular pair will have a successful nesting period and will be able to raise a chick. They reuse nest sites year after year so we are hopeful they will choose to have a permanent presence in the conservancy and hopefully encourage other pairs to join them.

Why is the White-headed vulture endangered?

There are a few reasons why the White-headed vulture is a critically endangered species. Reduction in prey is a big threat as well as habitat loss. The issue of human-wildlife conflict plays a big role and these birds of prey are known to leave a nesting site at the smallest sign of human interaction. Another known cause is the poisoning of these birds by poachers in the area so as to conceal the location of illegally poached wildlife as everyone knows vultures are scavengers and can always be found near a fresh kill.

Doing our part

We will do all we can, along with the help of conservation programmes in the area, to help make sure this pair are successful in raising a chick. We will update you on how they are doing and if there are any developments.

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