Meet Veronica, whose bright personality lights up Namiri

By Asilia Africa | 27 July 2020

Please meet our fabulous waitress Veronica whose bright personality has been lighting up our Namiri Plains for one year. Always thrilled to welcome new guests, Veronica’s enthusiasm is infectious and you will soon feel very at home in camp. Dedicated and ambitious, it’s Veronica’s hope that one day she will manage Asilia’s Dunia — the only camp in Africa that is managed and run entirely by women. To find out more about this incredible woman, please scroll down.


What is your favourite animal?

It has to be the lion! They are the king of the bush and I love that they live in a pride. Family is important to me so I admire the fact that lions will protect their family from other lions or potential threats you cant underestimate the value of family.


What do you like about the bush?

Firstly, the wildlife Namiri Plains is so busy with wildlife and for me, I love big cats so it’s the perfect camp to work at. Hearing the lions roaring and the hyenas calling at night reminds me that Im in a wild place; it feels like home to me. In the cities, all you can hear is the soundtrack of cars and boda bodas.


What is your biggest achievement?

For me, it was being given the opportunity to work for Asilia. My education level finished at form four and I’ve never had the chance to go to college or take classes in English. I taught myself all the English that I know and I have also picked up more by interacting with guests. It’s amazing that Asilia gave me this opportunity because it’s a company that lets you grow. At the moment I am a waitress but one day, I wish to manage Dunia. I love that it’s entirely run by women; it is a powerful statement to the rest of Africa.

I have a little boy called Joshua and he’s now 4 years old. Although its difficult for me to be away from him, by working hard, I can make sure that Joshua has the opportunities that I wasn’t given. I want him to go to college and learn English if he wants. He tells me that he wants to be a doctor when he grows up and whenever he or a friend is injured, he will pretend to heal them. I must keep working hard so that he can achieve his dreams.


What’s one new skill that you would like to learn?

To drive! I definitely want to learn how to drive and hopefully I will be able to learn very shortly.

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