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Things to Do at Sayari

From game drives to village visits, there are plenty of things to see and do at Sayari.

Photographic safaris 

Sayari is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers alike to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It is equipped with all the gear to ensure award-winning shots — from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. You can read more about the vehicle here. Please enquire to ensure availability of the vehicle and confirm any additional fees. 

Game drives 

Game drives leave early in the morning and again in the late afternoon, when the temperatures are cooler and animals are most active. We have closed and open-sided game vehicles specially fitted with charging points for your phone or camera, and fridges for refreshing drinks on the go. 

Walking safaris 

One of the best ways to experience the Serengeti is on foot. Learn about the ecosystem, how to identify prints and dung and discover all the little things you miss from a vehicle, from ants to butterflies.  

Cultural and community visits 

If you’re keen to learn more about local Kuria culture, we can take you to the nearby Merenga village. Stop off at the community vegetable gardens part of a sustainable development programme managed by Asiliaand collect fresh produce for your dinner. 

Hot-air balloon rides 

A hot-air balloon safari sees you soaring above the Serengeti plains as the sun rises in the early morning. During migration season, this is a great way to appreciate the full scope of the herds. Hot-air balloon trips are at extra cost and are weather dependent

Asilia Spa 

Our wellness offerings are specially developed to enhance the well-being of both your body and mind, including massages and treatments that are based on the natural healing methods of local traditions. Join us for a rejuvenating experience at the Asilia Spa at Sayari. A little bit of extra indulgence and pampering compliments any safari trip. Please note that spa treatments are charged at an additional cost.


Join us for a drink at the Serengeti’s first solar-powered microbrewery. The brewery produces four unique beers for Asilia – perfect for safari sundowners! It also has the ability to produce soft drinks, as well as purify water and produce sparkling water using solar power. Our brand-new brewery also means that there is no longer a need to bring plastic bottles and aluminium cans into camp, ultimately reducing our plastic waste as well as our transport impact on the environment.

Library and Information Centre

Sayari features a library and information centre with a cultural focus on the Kuria tribe. Music is integral to Kuria culture, playing a key role not just in ceremonies and celebrations but also in daily life. There will also be plenty of interesting facts about The Great Migration to be found in our new information centre. The migration passes by Sayari during the months of June through to October, and the camp is in a prime location for witnessing thousands of wildebeest crash across the Mara River as part of their Great Migration.

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